Digital-first experience design studio based in Toronto and working globally.

Propel is a Toronto-based digital studio specializing in experience strategy and product design for SaaS, fintech, and e-commerce brands founded and directed by Vlad Khomutov. Its creative team is made up of designers, developers, digital marketers, copywriters, and product experts.

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What we do.

We listen, observe, and dig deep to understand what makes people tick and design custom digital products to help you reduce churn and drive adoption.



Interactive design is non-linear. Users can take different paths to complete a flow. Information architecture helps to visualize the flow and structure of content, so it can be organized in a meaningful way and making it easy for users to find and navigate.



Wireframes help teams quickly iterate on features, interactions, and layouts. It's an effective way to visually communicate how the end product will work so organizations can collect early feedback and address issues before development.



Design systems are libraries of components that show how elements look, behave, and combine to create complex layouts. They are instrumental in developing, maintaining, and evolving complex products with a high degree of consistency, quality, and faster time to market.



If you run a technology company, a SaaS product, or technology-enabled businesses, chances are you rely on product roadmap to plan, prioritize, and execute releases based on customer feedback, strategic priorities, and evolving market circumstances. Product design aligns UX and business objectives.



Interactive, high-fidelity prototypes are perfect for getting the flows, transitions, interactions, and motion design just right. Interactive prototypes built with tools like Framer and Invision Studio look and feel like real products, make it possible to do in-depth user testing and help developers plan.


Propel offers a rare combination of understanding the user experience a deep knowledge of technology and an eye for design.

A significant contributor to the organization; Propel delivers with confidence under stressful client situations.

Propel was able to distill the design process to a simple well-defined plan. Their insights and talent were essential to my startup.

Excellent designers whose work is elegantly intertwined with technology.

A catalyst, Propel brings a unique skill set to the table, an ability to crystallize ideas into tangible product.

As a visionary and an architect, Vlad possesses a rare skill set that makes him invaluable.

You want Propel on your team; They always positively contribute to fun and respectful work culture.

Vlad is an exceptional team lead and maintains laser focus on customer needs to get it done.