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RBC Royal Bank is one of Canada's largest financial institutions. Financial Planning was redesigned to generate more leads.

RBC Financial Planning website looked like it was still 2006 - designed for a dry, corporate, fixed-width CMS template. With convoluted navigation, generic stock images and boring copy, the old site didn’t adequately support the objective of generating leads.

Propel worked closely with the teams at RBC and SapientRazorfish to redesign the web presence from scratch, create a mobile-friendly experience, and device a better strategy to generate leads.



Financial priorities
change with time.

Financial planning goals and strategies are tied to life events, not products. People ask themselves questions like “How am I going to send my daughter to university” or “Will I have enough money to retire?” instead of “which financial strategy will create better returns” — in other words, people’s financial priorities (and questions) change as they go through different stages of life.

Our solution was to organize content according to life events and provide simple, clear, plain English descriptions that people could relate to supported by useful downloadable content and examples that generated email leads and financial advisor appointments.


Arif & Nancy

Saving and planning

40-55 y.o / married couple.

$100K income / $100K investment.

Looking to balance financial goals: mortage, child's education, retirement.


Transitioning to retirement

55-63 y.o / married.

$100K income / $250K investment.

Creating a retirement paycheque and maximizing after-tax income.

Shirley & William

Business succession planning

55-68 y.o / married couple.

$100K income / $250K investment.

Reduce the pressure of day-to-day business stress, maximize tax savings.


Living in retirement

65+ y.o / single.

$75K income / $250K investment.

Staying financially independent and be protected.


Understanding client mindset is key to creating an experience designed for maximum results.

We created four user personas designed to provide a clear view into the changes in people’s emotional states, their fears, frustrations, motivations, and goals as they move through their stages of life.


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We designed user journeys around the key experiential attributes that supported the main objectives of the redesign.

You have options – provide clients with an immediate peace of mind that holistic Financial Planning is within their reach. You have control – RBC offers clarity, convenience and confidence around financial planning, structured to support their life goals. We've got you covered – RBC is really great at this and guide them to contact a financial planner.

We designed a user journey for each of the four personas to provide a clear view into the changes in people’s emotional states, their fears, frustrations, motivations, and goals as they move through their stages of life. We identified the corresponding needs of their financial planning and designed the most appropriate experience that responded to their goals at every stage of life.


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UX design.

Financial planning is not a one-and-done task, so we had to plan for scenarios that span more than one visit to the website, as people “sleep on it” while thinking of the right next step.

The experience had to accommodate the return paths — an ability to continue the conversation with the potential customer even as they left the site, and bring them back with social media retargeting ads featuring customer stories from people in similar life stage.

Vlad is an exceptional team lead and maintains laser focus on customer needs to get it done.

Dijay Jadiya

Delivery lead, SapientRazorfish

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