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There are millions of search results for any topic. Webreel helps people cut through the noise by curating, sharing, and selling collections of the best content about anything.

Webreel lets people curate collections of websites, documents, videos, PDFs, and more. It's like a Google Drive folder, but social. What makes Webreel different is our fully interactive community. Webreels collections can be searched, filtered, shared, rated, commented on, and even sold.

When we started working with the founders of Webreel in 2011, their product was in the early concept stages. We partnered up and built Webreel into a full social content curation platform with marketplace capabilities. Propel created the corporate identity, designed and built the responsive web app.

The result.

Sell what you know well

We started with an idea of modern, socially immersive visual bookmarking and took it to the next level. Why limit people to curating just the URLs? We allow users to upload any content into their collections, be it images, PDFs, or other documents, vote, rate, collaborate and share content easily.

Why stop with knowledge sharing if you can have e-commerce? So we created a knowledge marketplace by adding an ability to turn a collection into an information product with one click. Perfect for people like online coaches and digital marketers who make their living by selling digital content.



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Working with Propel is a guarantee of getting an elite product, service, and experience. Absolutely recommended.

Bill Haig

Founder, Webreel

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